GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Internet/Lan) [Using MTA]

Play GTA San Andreas on LAN or Internet with your Friends using MTA!

GTA San Andreas is one of the top Online Multiplayer games played in the world, What if you could play on LAN via internet with your friends ?

So here is a simple tutorial to play GTA San Andreas online/lan. Assuming you have already installed the game, Follow the steps carefully!


1. Download MTA Software and start its installation, while or after installing it may ask you to installed game directory.

2. By default MTA automatically detects the games installed in your PC ( if installed in Windows Drive) otherewise you will need to browse for the gta_sa.exe file to tell MTA where is Mostwanted installed on your drive.

3. Run shortcut "MTA San Andreas" from desktop. Now in game go in setting set your multiplayer "name". Your other friends should follow the same steps till here.

4. After doing above steps, any one of your friends can HOST the game by pressing "Host Game" button in MTA. Now select resources which type of game you want & after that click on "Start" button. [Remember to tick mark on Lan & Internet option before you start!]

5. Now give your ip to your friends to connect the game. Also game direclty listed in server browser so other people also can join your game!

6. Rember to update your MTA software else other public not able to join your game!

7. Enjoy gaming with friends & public.


1. Gameplay video.


1. You can download GTA San Andreas Game from LanGate Hub.
2. You can download MTA Software from Multi Ttheft Auto Official Site: http://www.multitheftauto.com/
3. You can download more plugins for you server from this Site: http://community.mtasa.com/